Child Custody

Providing Holistic, Child-Centered Solutions Throughout the Coral Gables and Miami-Dade County Areas for High-Conflict and Transitioning Families

Divorcing or never-married couples with children who decide to separate but wish to start a co-parenting relationship on a strong footing should consider Holistic Divorce & Custody.

They’re still a co-parenting team, even if they are no longer a couple. Parents who want to work together to make this transition as smooth and amicable as possible but still need the guidance and assistance of an attorney when crafting a decree and custody plan will benefit from Holistic Divorce & Custody.

In the past, divorcing couples were often left to their own devices to figure out legal rules, procedures, and terminology. A lawyer would be hired by one or both parties.

Fortunately, other divorce resolution services exist, including collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is where each party gets their own attorney, and they try to resolve the matter amicably.

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution where both parties meet with a mediator. The mediator is usually a licensed family law attorney who helps the parties negotiate the terms of their agreement.

At the Hache Law Firm, we provide education and guidance, helping parents address everything that needs to be considered in their child custody plan. We help parents create and implement a plan to make this major transition as smooth as possible for all family members.

Kids Don’t Need to Be Traumatized by Their Parents’ Divorce

Children are traumatized not by divorce but by the constant stress and animosity their parents experience when they can’t get along. Our goal at the Hache Law Firm is to help families maximize their chances of successful co-parenting and minimize the trauma children experience from stressful custody battles.

The first step for couples who might be interested in Holistic Divorce & Custody is to schedule a consultation. The interview is an opportunity for the couple to decide whether or not Holistic Divorce & Custody would be a good fit for them.

Children’s Issues

In a holistic child custody case, the parties, their attorneys, and therapists strive to reach amicable solutions regarding the enjoyment and responsibility of their children.

To promote caring, loving, and involved relationships, the parents, act quickly to discuss and resolve differences regarding the children.

The parties agree to shield their children from involvement in family law disputes.

Child Custody in the Collaborative Process

Asking questions and understanding the positions of your spouse and children is a crucial part of the collaborative process. A specialist will help you and your spouse work cooperatively and productively on custody.

Among the things the specialist will help you consider are:

  • Creating a parenting plan
  • Asking, “Is a primary or shared parent arrangement better for our family?”
  • Choosing the child’s schooling
  • Deciding what religion the child will be raised in

The parties will meet together with our team. The parties will review the legal documents based on their agreement with a fine-tooth comb, clarifying any ambiguities or errors so the documents say what the parties intended.

When working out child custody issues, our firm doesn’t ask, “What happened?” Instead, we look at what is happening now.

The Interdisciplinary Approach to Divorce

Collaborative divorce offers the additional benefit of being interdisciplinary. For financial matters, we bring in professionals like financial planners. Divorce coaches or mental health professionals can also help reduce stress and improve communication efficiency.

Court Intervention Is Not Required

In a collaborative divorce, court intervention will not be necessary to resolve issues.

Information will be disclosed fully, honestly, and openly by both parties, regardless of whether it is requested.

All issues will be discussed and resolved informally.

To resolve issues, attorneys, accountants, therapists, appraisers, and other consultants work cooperatively without resorting to litigation or any other external decision-making process.

Holistic law has many facets and is broad in scope. We listen to clients’ issues and acknowledge the conflict at the Hache Law Firm. We encourage compassion, reconciliation, healing, forgiveness, and letting go. We help to find the services, resources, and professional collaborations to help the client resolve their problems long-term.

When Children Are Involved in the Divorce Process, Collaborative Divorce Can Be a Valuable Tool

When it comes to divorce, we understand the challenges people face and how collaborative divorce can benefit them.

When things seem out of control, having control over your own decisions can give you some control over your life.

Collaboration is particularly beneficial for divorces involving children because it encourages parents to work together. Even if parents are no longer married, they will still be their children’s parents, which can be extremely important for the well-being of a child.

Divorcing couples can benefit from the collaborative process in many ways. You can use this process to achieve the outcomes you need from your divorce.

In Hache Law Firm, we are experts in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and divorces. Always prioritizing the children with an empathetic and constructive approach. To schedule a consultation, contact us online.