Wills & Advance Health Directives

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You love your family, friends, and community. You take time daily to care for and about the people closest to you; it only makes sense that you would plan how you can help them in the future, too. That is why creating a will and advance health directive is so valuable: it is a legal way to prepare to help your family after you can no longer do so.

At The Hache Law Firm, P.A., we take a holistic approach to legal matters that impact families. We consider estate planning matters such as wills and advance health directives closely tied with family law because of their impact on the people you care about most. We are available to help you plan for the future to take the burden off of your loved ones. Call us at 305-684-3175 or reach out online to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can assist you with these sensitive matters.

How Wills Protect Your Loved Ones

Whether you are getting married, remarried, or just thinking about your family’s future, a will plays an important role. Wills can help you protect cherished family items and other inheritances to ensure they are passed on without conflict.

However, a poorly written or considered will could cause more problems than it solves. At our firm, we take a holistic approach to drafting wills by considering more than just their financial impacts. We encourage our clients to communicate with their families to address sensitive emotional, economic, and legal concerns in advance. Our goal is to ensure your will benefits your family instead of creating conflict after you pass.

The Benefits of Advance Health Directives for Families

Advance directives, also known as living wills, are invaluable for families. These directives allow you to explain the type of healthcare you would like to receive if you are incapacitated. An advance directive can be used to describe your wishes about:

  • Care facilities: You can state whether you would prefer in-home care or placement in a residential facility if you can no longer care for yourself and which facilities or providers you would prefer.
  • Live-saving measures: You can discuss whether you would like measures such as CPR, intubation, surgeries, blood transfusions, and other invasive but life-saving actions to be taken in circumstances such as an unexpected injury or after a long illness.
  • Resuscitation: You can include a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order if you do not want any life-saving actions taken should you pass away.

A living will is not just about you. If you do not have a directive in place, the decisions about these life-or-death matters fall to your next of kin or whoever has medical power of attorney. This can be stressful and even traumatic.

Having a living will in place prevents this. Your directive will take this weight off your loved ones’ shoulders and make your incapacitation less painful.

Consult With A Trusted Coral Gables Attorney For Advance Health Directives and Wills

The Hache Law Firm, P.A., provides skilled and compassionate legal counsel regarding advance health directives and wills for people in Coral Gables and around Miami-Dade County. We pride ourselves on anticipating the needs of our clients. We aim to support your goals while looking out for your best interests. Learn more about how we can assist you with your estate planning documents by scheduling your consultation with our Miami will and testament lawyers today.